The Ninth Thrangu Rinpoche

The Ninth Thrangu Rinpoche was born in 1933 in Kham, Tibet and was recognized by the Sixteenth Gyalwang Karmapa and the Eleventh Palpung Situ Rinpoche. Thrangu Rinpoche studied and trained at Thrangu Monastery in Tibet, founded 500 years earlier by the Seventh Karmapa.

Rinpoche, who is one of the Karma Kagyu school’s highest scholars, is a teacher and full holder of the Kagyu Vajrayana lineages and of the direct transmissions of the special shentong philosophical tradition. He is the abbot of Nalanda Institute for Higher Buddhist Studies in Rumtek, India.  He founded his own shedra (monastic college), called Thrangu Tashi Choling, in Nepal as well as the Vajra Vidya Monastery in Sarnath, India overlooking the Deer Park where the Buddha gave his first teaching on the Four Noble Truths. For more about Thrangu Rinpoche’s activities, please visit