Karma Chakme Rinpoche

The first Karma Chakme (1613-1678) was a very learned and realized Buddhist master who founded the Neydo Kagyu Lineage. He was revered in Tibet for his remarkable qualities and accomplishments. Most notably, he composed the Mountain Dharma Retreat Manual, which is regarded as the definitive text on retreat practice in the Karma Kagyu, Drikung Kagyu, and Nyingma orders of Tibetan Buddhism.

Karma Chakme was known for being a prolific writer and scholar, for his ardent devotion to the practices of Sukhavati, and for being the teacher and scribe of terton Namcho Mingyur Dorje, who revealed a unique cycle of terma known as the Nam Cho (gnam-chos) or “Sky Dharma.” For more information on this master, please visit the website of his tulku lineage: neydo.org.